S.C. NOVALEX S.R.L. is a romanian company established in 1998, having as its object of activity the production and assembly of PVC profile joinery with thermal insulated glass.

S.C. NOVALEX S.R.L. was born from the passion and ambition of a team of professionals which believed client's satisfaction should be the top priority and we made our best efforts to succeed in becoming an important player in the market of manufacturers and distributors of PVC joinery in Transylvania. 

Combining quality with performance, S.C. NOVALEX S.R.L. chose top partners by becoming the representative of GEALAN (the third producer of PVC profiles in Germany) - attested by the november 2008 GEALAN 10 years partner Diploma - and by being founding member of the Trade Association of Manufacturers and Assamblers of Glass and Windows - PGFF.

These are some of our results since the establishment of the company:
  • Increasing the manufacturing capacity to 3000 square meters of joinery/month;
  • Improving our amenities by the aquisition of:
    • - automatic glass washing machine SEFIGLASS INTERNATIONAL, LAV.VERT.6SP.;
    • - numerical control double headed cutting machine, made by RAPID;
    • - two and four point welding machine, made by URBAN;
    • - spacer cutting machine, made by PERTRICI;
    • - profile burring machine, made by MURAT;
  • Using filling installation to fill the space between the glass panes of the window with argon gas and use of the HOT MELT installation for the second sealing.
  • Expanding our activity area in other cities (Zalău, Turda, Cāmpia Turzii);

S.C. NOVALEX S.R.L. developed and implemented the project "Implementation and certification of the Environmental Management System", according to the ISO 14001:2005 requirements.

S.C. NOVALEX S.R.L. signed an audit consulting contract with IFT Rosenheim Germany for the certification of the company's products, and following the two audits, the company was certified to use CE mark for its products.

S.C. NOVALEX S.R.L. Cluj-Napoca Str.C.Brāncoveanu nr.15
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