The GEALAN windows system has proved its efficiency in recent years. Thanks to its PVC profile, the sealing system and the insulated glass, the energy consumption was considerably reduced. The thermal insulation capacity is improved by the high depth of the profile construction, up to 74 mm, by the construction type based on three, four, five or even six interior chambers, by using a double sealing system and of a corresponding insulated glass. This way the heat remains inside and the cold outside. Profiles are reinforced with zinc galvanized steel profiles if required. The PVC material has high thermal insulation properties which must not be created later with the help of binding materials, the base substance of the profile having also the advantage of an easy maintenance. Using a corresponding window has a big influence on the energy budget of a building, choosing the appropriate window being an important decision when building your house. Noise insulation is provided by the profile's construction and the type of glass used. The maximum level of noise which is considered acceptable in a residence is 65 dB. The main combinations of GEALAN profiles are decreasing the noise level by 35-40 dB. The PVC profiles, together with special phonic insulation glass which can reach 48 mm in depth, improve the noise protection and improve the quality of life. GEALAN type windows made by NOVALEX are the right choice!

The double sealing system (APTK rubber resistent to weather) keeps its properties for a long time and has an easy maintenance. The profiles allow assambly of different thickness glass, allowing assambly of special glass: phonic insulation, anti-theft, bullet proof, etc.
- Quality: many reinforcements between the chambers and the depth of the profile, up to 74 mm, improve hardness and endurance of the window's frame.
- Endurance: the main chambers can be hardened even more with zinc galvanized steel spacers; entry doors are built with extra corner elements. Energy saving is not the only concern, phonic polution has become an environmental problem which affects negatively an increasing number of people. Together with the window profile - which does not modify its shape with time - the double sealing system is an extra protection. The standard insulation glass panes can easily reduce the phonic polution with 38 dB (A).

Burglars can get easier inside the house through the back windows than through the main doors - inteligent windows with safe lock mechanism can protect you. The anti burglary profiles, hardened with zinc steel, are a complicate to bypass obstacle for the unwanted guests. Mounting anti-theft hardware and insulated glass makes any break through from outside harder to achive. You do not have to compromise on the manufacturing style. The high manufacturing depth of GEALAN profiles, hardening them with zinc steel, mounting of special anti-burglary glass and using the multi-point locking mechanism are convincing arguments for those concerned by safety.

The co-extruded profiles can satisfy your windows' color range preferences: red, brown, blue, gray, green, each with different shades for assorting with the rest of the architecture. The co-extruded PVC layer applied on the exterior frame of the profile improves the weather resistence of the window and, because of the higher depth of the colored layer, preserves the estethic qualities even after accidental scratches of profile (check the RAL color range).

Since the new Guvernamental Ordinance concerning thermal insulation entered into force, the choice of an optimum window has become even more important. Choosing GEALAN system manufactured by NOVALEX is the right choice. You will have multiple advantages: better phonic insulation; energy saving; RAL certification; minimal heating use; wide variety of colors; hardness of profile; very economical; high safety locking system (anti-theft); high depth of assambly (74 mm); easy utilization; 100% recyclable; environmentally friendly.
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